Three quick online CPD bundles

What business skills would help you move your career forward? Do you struggle to find time to attend courses? There's an easy solution...

Our online course bundles make life easy for you: they are each split into manageable short courses so you can easily fit them into your day. All our new courses have been written by experienced industry professionals who know what business skills surveyors need to stay ahead. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we have the course for you.

Are you looking to move into a more senior position?

Leading a team is exciting but it can be challenging as well; it takes time and skill to become a great leader. This Introduction to Leadership bundle of courses will give you a head start by teaching you how to establish your leadership with colleagues, give you tools to solve problems and help you identify what kind of leader you want to be.

At a glance: 7 x 30-minute eLearning courses; 3.5 hours of formal CPD.

Would you like to build better relationships with your clients?

If you can effectively communicate with your team and clients, your work will become more satisfying and you’ll find it easier to make progress. The Communication Skills bundle has all you need to master the art of presentations, learn how to answer those tricky questions in meetings and how to best use non-verbal communication to get your point across.

At a glance: 8 x 30-minute eLearning courses; 4 hours of formal CPD.

Are you keen to gain confidence in the financial side of projects?

Don’t fall behind your colleagues; make sure you have the financial knowledge to make the right decisions. This Financial Core Skills bundle will teach you about corporate finance, how to construct and manage a budget and how to report on the profitability of an investment project.

At a glance: 8 x 30-minute eLearning courses; 4 hours of formal CPD.

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