What's your biggest training challenge?

SMEs face many obstacles when training their teams, including cost, time and resources. Find out how we can help you stay ahead.

From a lack of internal resource to budgeting issues, we look at the most common issues when training your team.

“We don’t have the depth of technical expertise needed to train our team in-house, particularly for the APC.”

This is one of the biggest challenges we hear from SMEs. Large firms have different departments that surveyors can gain experience in but for smaller businesses, connecting with this wider expertise can be difficult. For APC candidates to tick off all their competencies, additional training is often required. We offer a variety of technical courses, including a whole host of APC training.

“A lot of our team work remotely, so means it’s hard to bring them into one place for training.”

We recognise that surveyors are looking to access training more online, so we are increasing the number of courses on our Online Academy. All of these can be accessed at home or in the office. The Academy offers plenty of courses, webinars and resources that remote workforces can access.

“We want to train our team, but we’ve got to make the investment viable for our business too.”

By giving your teams a definitive career path and supporting their development, you are far more likely to retain them. Which, in turn, supports your business’s investment in them. We can support directors and managers to deliver this career support with our regional Training Advisers. These advisers help APC candidates and provide structured training plans to graduate surveyors. In addition, they advise businesses on the sort of training and career path that should be provided.

“The choice is a bit overwhelming. We struggle to find high-quality training that is relevant to our business needs.”

All of our trainers are MRICS qualified and have gained more than 24,000 hours of training experience. Because we are the governing body for chartered surveyor training, our courses always include up-to-date information and the latest legislative and technical advice. We can help you decide on the best training to help your team’s specific requirements.

“Our surveyors don’t just need to know the technical details, they also need social and business skills. How do we find training for this?”

To stay ahead of the competition, we recognise your teams need to know about a whole host of subjects alongside the latest surveying information. Recently, we’ve developed and launched online courses to cover these subjects with everything from communication skills to constructing and managing a budget.

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