Meet Matt Burton, one of our Account Managers

Find out how he meets the training needs of his clients

Find out how Matt works with his clients and how he could benefit your business.

Matt Burton, National Account Manager, Infrastructure & Construction

“I genuinely admire all of my clients because their work is critical to the future of British infrastructure. My role helps them to understand how RICS can support their business in a relevant way – either through ethics-led training or by supporting their employees’ commercial skills. The construction industry can be transient, so training is an effective way to improve employee retention.

“I like to think that RICS is helping to create industry champions.”

“Recently, I’ve also been talking to my clients about RICS’ Resilience training. Some of their employees are managing contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds, which can be seriously stressful. We’re a professional body, but we also need to encourage people to look after themselves.

“We want surveyors to feel they can contribute to RICS on a local and national level and by using our training products we can help make an individual’s development even more significant. RICS gives people a platform to exceed expectations for their clients.

“As a National Account Manager, I like to create strong relationships with our clients. We show them how RICS can have an impact on career progression, learning and development and training. I spend a lot of time networking with industry colleagues in order to build this rapport. Listen, act and develop empathy – that’s how the best relationships develop.

“RICS touches the whole industry, from sole practitioners to companies with a global workforce. So every time I have a conversation with someone, I try to bring value to that discussion and I’m constantly trying to come up with innovative training solutions.”

Our training in practice

“A road construction and maintenance company with more than 4,000 employees recently adopted our International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) as the benchmark for all of their major projects. This has been a huge step forward for us because this company works closely with the government to gain funding, which means that the standard is being recognised at a high level. It also means we can work closely with the client because we’re involved in helping the technical teams adopt the standard for their data merging and their working methodologies.

“It’s not just about helping the client with training, we also offered them learning and resource tools, recruitment advice and help with dispute and conflict resolution. It’s been really great to help the company on such an in-depth level.”

What’s happening right now

“I’m currently working on a brilliant training programme for a major construction company. It’s a multi-year, multi-tiered programme that could positively affect many employees’ career pathways.”

My top tip

“Don’t forget that RICS training and accreditation can take you anywhere you want and training events can be fantastic networking opportunities for your employees.”

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