Meet Krystyna Moxon, one of our Account Managers

Read more about how she makes sure she gets the right training solution for her clients

Krystyna has completed several different qualifications herself, so she knows how it feels to do a RICS course. This has helped her gain extra knowledge so she can perfectly match the courses to her clients' needs.

Krystyna Moxon, Internal Account Manager

“I always ask clients what their training goal is for the year. By knowing this, I can start to figure out how we’re going to achieve it and what RICS can offer to get them there. It also gives me an idea of what already exists in their company so I can provide the solutions they really need. For example, if they’ve got a really good trainer already in place, I’ll start to think about what support RICS can offer them.

“After focusing on clients’ training needs and seeing how we can add value to their business, I also look for their ‘nice-to-haves’ and ‘wouldn’t it be good ifs’. Providing these as part of quality training can really add benefit for the client.”

“The project I’m currently working on is the perfect example of this; a global construction company with more than 1,000 employees worldwide asked us where they could find a course about construction measurement standards. Although this isn’t something we currently offer, our response was: ‘We can do that!’. Now we’re in the testing stage of the course, which has been written and developed with our client.

“There’s a culture of learning within RICS, which means that many of us in the Account Management team also have RICS qualifications. This means that we don’t just have a general interest in the subjects but we put ourselves in the shoes of our delegates to see what they experience. So when I start talking about courses to clients, they listen and respect my opinion because they know that I’ve been through the training myself.

“The fact that we employ industry experts as our trainers is also a huge plus because of the knowledge value we can provide. Our trainers are putting what they’re teaching into practice every day in their work, so if they’re asked a question outside of the course remit, they can answer it because they have that practical knowledge.

“This listening approach and wide-ranging knowledge is what makes our training stand out from the rest. In previous roles, the focus was mostly on sales, here it’s about customer service and I always want to make sure that my clients get what they really need.”

Inside-out training knowledge

“A couple of years ago, I took the RICS Mediation training course, which means that I’m a qualified Construction Mediator. It really helps me when I talk to clients to have this in-depth knowledge of the course. I’m not just summarising it or quoting from a brochure, I have real experience of it myself.”

My top tip

“If you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Just call us and we’ll talk it through to ensure we support you in the right way.”

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