Meet Bruno Ulmkalns, one of our Account Managers

Discover how conversations open up whole new possibilities for Bruno's clients

It's not about knowing all the answers, says Bruno, it's about identifying the trends and topics that will suit a particular client and keeping the conversation open. Read more about his approach and how it works.

Bruno Ulmkalns, Account Manager, UK Markets

“I never go into any conversation with a fixed agenda; instead, I find out exactly what my clients are looking for and then we explore the options together. By asking lots of questions, I encourage my clients to open up and explain where the skills and knowledge gaps lie. Of course, I understand how commercially sensitive that information can be, so anything I’m told is completely confidential.

“We have all these amazing skills and expert knowledge within RICS so why not use that expertise to best effect? We’re here to help you raise industry standards.”

“Often, I start by speaking to a HR professional, or a member of the learning and development team, and asking them which training areas have been successful so far and where it isn’t working so well. Then, I get together with our training team and come up with potential training opportunities.

“I never profess to know all the right answers and I keep our training team aware of upcoming trends and developments so that we can identify new training topics. That insight is critical to keep RICS training fresh and relevant. The accounts I manage all have varying needs and objectives and our training helps keep them up to speed with the industry changes.

“Often companies are aware of RICS and its history, but they don’t realise how much commercial training we offer. I feel genuinely confident that once a company or an individual has done a RICS course or seminar, they’ll come back again.”

Thinking outside the box

“I recently attended a presentation about inclusivity and diversity. Not long after, a client told me they wanted to be seen as a leader in those areas. So I went back to our L&D team and we’re now in the process of putting together a bespoke course for their European offices. It was a great result.”

My top tip

“You don’t need to come to us with a ready-made shopping list of training courses and we don’t expect an immediate decision. Just be open to our suggestions.”

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