How to ace the APC final assessment interview

APC expert Kate Taylor shares her top tips for doing well on the day.

We know the final assessment interview can feel daunting: you’re not sure what to expect, you don’t know if you’ve done enough preparation and just how scary are the assessors? APC assessor and trainer Kate Taylor FRICS dispels the myths and gives her advice.

Kate Taylor FRICS

Remember it’s not an exam, it’s a conversation

As assessors, we want you to do well and feel relaxed, so just think of the interview as a conversation. We’re not trying to trip you up. When preparing, focus on putting together specific examples from your job that show all the competencies needed for your pathway. And make sure you know the examples inside out so you can talk confidently about them.

Show us your best smile

I appreciate that the interview is not an everyday event and it’s completely normal to feel nervous, but try and show us some personality. A smile and some eye contact is a big tick for me as it shows that you will be able to confidently give advice to clients. Especially during the presentation, focus on building a friendly relationship with the assessors and explain things clearly in an approachable way.

Listen up

In a lot of the interviews I’ve done, the candidates don’t listen enough to the questions we ask. I understand some of you have set answers and key points you want to get across, but this might not always align with what we’re asking. Don’t just tell us what you know, you need to listen carefully to the question and answer that specifically. Try not to panic if you’re not sure what to say, just take a breath and think about what we’re asking.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

I know this is an obvious one, but it really is key. Make sure you’ve read the APC guide and the guide for your pathway so you know exactly which competencies you need to show in the final assessment. This will boost your confidence when it comes to the interview.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to learn more about the interview

RICS offers a Preparing for the Final Assessment course which is invaluable. You get the full low-down from an APC assessor on what you need to do to pass. The assessor will go through the best way to prepare and deliver your presentation and answer any of your niggly worries. If you want to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be, I would definitely recommend doing this.


Good luck and remember we’re not as scary as you think!

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